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September 2, 2021

Let’s have a closer look on the features of the TACBIS website. Colour blindness is a condition that demands to be addressed, irrespective of sports being the focal point, and this sole motivation has prompted the TACBIS project consortium to materialise a dynamic website unique to the cause. The TACBIS website has been built keeping in mind the goal to make sports accessible to people that suffer from Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD).

The website is designed to cater to the needs of both the normal-visioned and colour blind people, with knowledge distribution being its main purpose. From having a detailed page dedicated to guides, tips and resources to the latest news on the subject, here is an overview of how the website is structured and the sections available to explore:

  • About – The ‘About’ section details on the widespread condition and the evolution and importance of its awareness. Implications of being unaware is highlighted along with a full page dedicated to invaluable guides, tips and resources – including general advice, kit selection, stadium guides and information for coaches.
  • Colour Blind Awareness Day – The importance of the 6th of September is underlined with the past year’s TACBIS initiatives that coincided with UEFA Nations League matches, along with supportive information as to how one can get involved with the project in 2021.
  • News – Significant updates on how the condition is being received within football and the larger sports community.
  • Quiz – What do you know about colour blindness? Test yourself with a comprehensive and fun quiz module that provides invaluable knowledge on the subject.
  • Press – Similar to news, the ‘Press’ tab shines light upon the major impact of colour blindness in mainstream and social media, with high-profile media outlets such as Sky Sports, Bundesliga’s twitter channel and BBC highlighting the issue.
  • Partners – A brief on the TACBIS project’s funding partner, project partners and supporting partners.

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