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Colour blindness as a condition has only recently gained traction among media outlets, mainly through awareness being spread at the grassroots level by organisations such as Colour Blind Awareness, uproar on social media by colour blind fans and sportspersons themselves voicing out their thoughts on the condition.


Denmark midfielder Thomas Delaney admitted on a live radio phone-in, just before he set off to play at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, that he had struggled to tell the difference between kits in a friendly game between Denmark (red) and Mexico (green).

Portugal’s Bruno Fernandes, who is an ambassador of the TACBIS project, is not colour blind, but the midfielder maestro is headstrong on highlighting the issue and promoting awareness regarding the condition.

Kit clashes

Kit clash/incompatability for colour-blind player – SC Freiburg vs Augsburg (Bundesliga 2020/21)

Kit clash – Liverpool vs Manchester United & Sheffield United vs Chelsea (EPL 2020/2021)

Other news

BBC have been vocal in supporting the cause. They have expressed their interest in highlighting the problem through two interesting features – Colour blindness in football: Kit clashes and fan struggles – what is being done? (2020) & World Cup 2018: Why millions of fans see the football like this (2018)