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Colour Blind Awareness Day 2022

Colour blindness or Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), is one of the world’s most common inherited
conditions, affecting an estimated 300+ million people worldwide. One in every 12 males and one in
every 200 females are impacted by it. To address and raise awareness of this issue, the “Tackling
Colour Blindness In Sport (TACBIS)” programme was created, and supported by EU Erasmus+ Sport

The TACBIS programme partners include the European Football Development Network (EFDN),
Colour Blind Awareness, Oxford Brookes University, Randers FC, and the National Football
Associations of Iceland, Romania, and Portugal, together with supporting partners including UEFA
and the (English) Football Association.

As a partnership, one of the main aims of the project is to raise awareness of colour blindness in
sport and society and promote colour blind friendly environments.

What is colour blindness?
We see colour through 3 types of cone cells in our eyes, which absorb red,
green or blue light. With colour blindness (colour vision deficiency, CVD) one type doesn’t operate
normally. Most types of colour blindness involve defects in red or green cones, meaning many colour
combinations can be confusing.

Colour blind people often become aware of their colour blindness during their younger years.
However, it is also common that some people may not realize they are colour blind simply because
they do not know that others see colour differently. It is also not uncommon for children to hide
their condition.

That is why Colour Blind Awareness Day takes place every year on September 6th. John Dalton was
one of the first scientists to study the condition and it is celebrated on his birthday in honour of the
strides he made in colour blindness research.

How can you participate and help to raise awareness? We encourage you to:

Become a supportive partner of #TACBIS and #ColourBlindAwarenessDay

  • Individuals

On the 6th of September 2022, we invite individuals to share their life experiences about their colourblindness across social media channels. Whether you are a professional or amateur player, coach,
fan, employee, volunteer, or parent, we invite you to share your story on social media channels and
to raise awareness about the topic to get the attention you or your colour-blind friend deserves.

  • Football and sports clubs

We invite clubs to act during Colour Blind Awareness Day 2022 to raise awareness of the
implications of colour blindness for sport and to develop initiatives to make your club more
inclusive. As one in 12 men and one in 200 women are colour blind, thousands of your fans will be
affected (as well as your employees, including players) and they will all be delighted to learn you
want to support them!

Help to spread the word by using our social media templates for CBA Day 2022!

Social media guidance

Using our social media templates for the CBA Day 2022, all you need to do is to:

  1. Download the templates here
  2. Choose the colour template which best matches your own club/brand colours
  3. Insert your logo in the iris of the eye (for instance via, and
  4. share on your social media channels to promote our simple message on 6th of September

Our simple message for everyone to share is:

We are proud to support Colour Blindness Awareness Day 2022

Please share the hashtags #ColourBlindAwarenessDay and #TACBIS to allow us to collect social media metrics for 2022.

Accounts to tag


  • @TACBISproject
  • @colourblindorg

Full list of hashtags: #ColourBlindAwarenessDay #TACBIS #1in12men #1in200women #1in12boys 1in200girls


  • @tacbis
  • @colourblindorg
  • @efdnfoundation

Full list of hashtags: #ColourBlindAwarenessDay #TACBIS #ColorBlind #ColorBlindAwarenessDay

1in12men #1in200women #1in12boys #1in200girls


  • @ColourBlindAwareness

Full list of hashtags: #ColourBlindAwarenessDay #TACBIS #1in12men #1in200women #1in12boys #1in200girls

Other resources you can use:

Share information about your initiatives

Already working with coaches and players to increase colour blind awareness? Now is a great time
to share information about your initiatives!
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Thank you for supporting Color Blind Awareness Day 2022!

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