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We’re currently compiling a set of TACBIS resources so please keep checking this page for regular updates. In the meantime, you can find resources at the following links and if you need specific information, kindly refer to the Colour Blind Awareness website.

General advice and information

UEFA/FA/Colour Blind Awareness guidance – Colour Blindness in Football

Also available in Croatian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish here.


Learn more from the UEFA/Colour Blind Awareness kit selection factsheet – Advice When Selecting Kit Colours.

Advice for coaches

Guide for coaches, including information on suitable equipment to use and on how to support colour blind players – Advice Sheet For Coach Educators

Also available in Croatian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish here.

Here is a short excerpt from FA coach co-ordinator Ryan Davies’ experience with colour blindness.

Information for grassroots coaches and parents

Learn more about #PrimaryColours – a UEFA Foundation For Children funded project created by Colour blind Awareness/FA/Premier League Primary Stars – resources for coaches, parents and teachers here.

It includes a video, downloadable factsheets, poster for schools and sports clubs, and more information regarding the partners involved.

Stadiums and grounds

Find guidance and factsheets for clubs/stadium operators here.

— The Sports Ground Safety Authority’s ‘Green Guide’ to safety at sports grounds – Annex C in particular: Guidance on Colour Vision Deficiency

— The European Convention on Integrated Safety, Security and Service at Football Matches and Other Sports Events – Recommended Good Practices: Annex A on Safety & Annex C on Security

General resources for football

In the video below, The Colourful Game, from the FA/UEFA/Colour Blind Awareness, colour blind players, coaches and other stakeholders in football explain the issues and the simple solutions that can really make a difference.

In this second video, Lars Lagerbäck (former national team coach of Iceland) speaks about his experiences of being colour blind in football.

Additional resources (videos) from The National Association of Iceland can be found here.

Other sports

Colour blindness doesn’t just affect football. Keep an eye out for further upcoming resources concerning other sports. In the meantime, please contact Colour Blind Awareness via for information on the implications of colour blindness for specific sports.

Other areas of life

Colour blindness can affect anyone. Challenges can arise at school and in further education (Including for academy players in full time education) and in different careers. For more information, visit the Colour Blind Awareness website.


For information regarding the diagnosis of the condition, refer to the Colour Blind Awareness diagnosis resource here.

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