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Colour Blind Awareness Day 2021

For this year’s Colour Blind Awareness Day 2021 (6th of September) the project consortium has decided to organise a drawing competition for children across Europe called ‘Shining a Light on Colour Blindness’. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the issue of colour blindness from the viewpoint of a child, for whom drawing can be a challenge if the pencils/pens/markers do not have the colours written on them.


We will create a Christmas light of the winning designs of players from the winning clubs Aston Villa and Sheffield United FC. The winning drawings will be revealed on the TACBIS communication channels on Colour Blind Awareness Day 2021. Follow our accounts for more information.

Drawings of Tyrone Mings and Billy Sharp win

Supporter’s Brief 2021

Download our Supporter’s Brief here and help us to promote Colour Blind Awareness on the 6th of September.

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