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Colour blindness or Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) as it is technically called, is one of the world’s most common inherited conditions, affecting an estimated 300+ million people worldwide. 1 in every 12 males and 1 in every 200 females are impacted by the condition. To address and raise awareness of this issue, the “Tackling Colour Blindness In Sport (TACBIS)” programme was created.

The project is supported by EU Erasmus+ Sport funding. The project started in January 2020 and will run for three years, culminating in the presentation of the outcomes at an international conference in Bucharest and the creation of resources designed to support a variety of different sports and clubs.

The TACBIS programme partners include the European Football Development Network (EFDN), Colour Blind Awareness, Oxford Brookes University, Randers FC, and the National Football Associations of Iceland, Romania, and Portugal, and supporting partners including UEFA and the (English) Football Association. Over the course of the project, TACBIS will investigate the prevalence of colour blindness in football (amongst both fans and players), identify barriers to progression for colour blind players and coping mechanisms employed by colour blind players, as well as strategies to overcome the barriers. As a partnership, we are aiming to raise awareness for colour blindness in sport and society and promote colour blind friendly environments.

TACBIS will capitalise upon EFDN’s strong relationship with football clubs across Europe to use the momentum from the project to start an awareness campaign amongst clubs to prevent kit clashes for colour blind people, share the gathered knowledge and practical solutions in a practitioner’s guide that can be used by clubs, organisations, venue managers, and many other stakeholders from the sports and leisure industry.

All member clubs will be encouraged to take first steps, such as making changes on the website to improve the accessibility for colour blind people.

Manchester United’s Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes is not colour blind himself but he is keen to highlight the difficulties many people have in distinguishing jerseys. He aims to utilise his role as an ambassador of the Portuguese National Association to draw the attention of a large audience. Together with Olympique Lyonnais’ Jessica Silva, he is one of the two ambassadors for the Portuguese FA during the TACBIS Project.

You can follow the project’s progress on social media via #TACBIS and look out for our activities during on Colour Blind Awareness Day (6th September) in 2021 and 2022. For further details of the TACBIS Colour Blind Awareness Day 2020, visit this page.


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