July 17, 2023

With the TACBIS (Tackling Colour Blindness In Sport) project finalised, all documents have been released in various languages. You can now find the Best Practices Handbook, the Practitioners’ Guide and Factsheets for PG in English, Danish, Icelandic, Portuguese and Romanian.

The Tackling Colour Blindness In Sport (TACBIS) Project, supported by Erasmus funding, has harnessed the power of football at a European level to raise awareness of colour blindness in sport, highlighting the problems faced by people with colour blindness as a means of combatting inequalities in football and other sports, to encourage social change. In this way, the TACBIS project provides a unique opportunity to improve the lives and sporting experiences of millions of colour-blind people across Europe.

We would like to thank all project partners for their cooperation and support throughout this project.

Click here to find the documents.

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