Colour Blind Awareness

Colour Blind Awareness is a Community Interest Company (non-profit) formed in 2010 to raise awareness of the needs of colour blind people in the community.

The organisation was founded by Kathryn Albany-Ward after she discovered that her son was colour blind because when he changed to a new school at the age of 7, he was unable to tell kit colours apart when playing sport.

Having been shocked to discovered by chance that her son was severely colour blind, Kathryn was very surprised to learn not only that teachers are not trained in how to identify and support pupils, but that children are generally not tested for colour vision deficiency at school entry. This galvanised Kathryn to do something to change this situation, starting with the creation of the website Information for parents and teachers is a major element of the website.

Colour Blind Awareness began working in sport in 2015, again following problems faced by Kathryn’s son, by then a teenager, who was very frustrated that he was unable to follow a red v green Champions League kit ‘clash’ game (Liverpool v Ludogorets) on TV.

Colour Blind Awareness now advises different sports and connected stakeholders at International level.

Latest news

7 Mar

TACBIS project partners meet at Wembley Stadium

This Monday, a TACBIS project meeting (Tackling Colour blindness in Sport) was organised in Wembl...
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