Valuable TACBIS Meeting held at the Portuguese FA in Lisbon header

Valuable TACBIS Meeting held at the Portuguese FA in Lisbon

May 27, 2022

On Tuesday 24 May the TACBIS partners met for their fourth assembly. The host was the Portuguese Football Association, an active partner in the project.

Together with our other programme partners Colour Blind Awareness, Oxford Brookes University, Randers FC and the National Football Associations of Iceland and Romania, EFDN is making more and more steps in the right direction to make football and sport, in general, more accessible for people that are colour blind.

Helping fans and players, identify barriers to progression for colour blind players and coping mechanisms employed by colour blind players. Together with our project partners, we aim to raise awareness for colour blindness in sports and society and promote surroundings that are colour blind friendly.

“In the EU, close to 34 million people have CVD (colour vision deficiency) – and failure to acknowledge the difficulties they face in sport risks alienating them in significant numbers, meaning they are likely to turn off TV coverage and take to social media to vent their frustrations. So it’s in sport’s interests to resolve the issues. The good news is that implementing procedures to assist and protect those with colour blindness in sport is relatively simple. Much of the time, all that’s needed is a little goodwill and forward planning, and solutions can have positive benefits for teams, fans, sponsors and broadcasters.” […] “The TACBIS partners have produced an animation to highlight the areas of football which can be impacted by colour blindness. We are also determined to prove the prevalence of colour blindness amongst football players, to identify the barriers to progression and the coping mechanisms employed by those affected. Colour Blind Awareness Day has been gaining momentum in the last few years, and we are excited to see it come to life this year in partnership with UEFA, the NAs and our TACBIS partners.” 

Kathryn Albany-Ward, founder of Colour Blind Awareness

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