Remi Allen got vocal about her colourblindness and raised awareness header

Remi Allen got vocal about her colourblindness and raised awareness

February 8, 2022

Remi Allen, player of the club of Aston Villa FC, has noticed the “ridiculous” kit selected by the WSL match chiefs. Indeed, the midfielder has posted a tweet where she was noticing the difficulty for her to play the game Aston Villa – West Ham.  

She highlighted the fact of how the kit could cause visual issues for colour-blind people. Back up by Twitter users that posted “difficult watching on TV”, the colourblind player help to raise awareness about this visual issue. 

This kit clash is not the first one that fans have been highlighting along the year. Recently, in rugby, we have seen a major issue during European competition between two nations. Despite the interest from the public as testified by the ranking of this article on BBC News, the sports institutions didn’t take any action in order to make the game accessible for everybody such as the colour-blind population, estimated to +300 million worldwide.

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