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Colour Blind Awareness Day 2022 recap

September 7, 2022

September 6, 2022

On Colour Blind Awareness Day (6th September 2021), TACBIS project partners European Football for Development Network (EFDN), Colour Blind Awareness, the National Football Associations of Portugal, Iceland, Romania and Wales, as well as Oxford Brookes University and many football clubs raised awareness for Colour Blindness and the implications it has on the beautiful game. Furthermore, many EFDN members and other football and sport organisations joined the awareness-raising campaign.

TACBIS project

The TACBIS project consortium has organised a unique toolkit for organisations to show their support towards the Colour Blind Awareness Day 2022. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the importance of colour blindness from the viewpoint of sport participants, for whom participating in many sporting activities can be a challenge. The challenges range from same colour team kits to the concealment of training equipment. Ultimately, TACBIS’ intention is to bring colour blindness to the attention of the participants, families, as well as club and foundation staff members. 

Organisations raising awareness with toolkit

The organisations that supported Colour Blind Awareness Day 2022 through the social media toolkit are the following: Football Association of Iceland (KSI), European Football for Development Network (EFDN), Northampton Town FC community, O.F.I. Creta FC, Welsh FA, Fundacion Getafe CF and AFC Community Trust.

More organisations raising awareness

Further organisations and individuals have helped raise awareness towards the Colour Blind Awareness Day through their network of followers in order to get the furthest reach possible for this important day. Below you can see some of the mentioned organisations and their specific message for the campaign.

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