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Best Resources for Colour Blind Awareness in Sports

September 5, 2021

As part of our European TACBIS project, we intend to advocate for greater reach and therefore have compiled a list of best resources that one can make use of.

These resources provide priceless information as to how organisations, clubs or even individuals can enhance engagement within football and the larger sports arena in general – as they possess riches of knowledge regarding colour blindness as a widespread condition.

Here is a shortlist of best resources for colour blind awareness:

COLOUR BLINDNESS IN FOOTBALL The FA (with the support of Colour Blind Awareness & UEFA)

The Colour Blindness in Football guidebook is an authoritative commentary on how to improve the experience within the sport for everyone affected. The 80-page report, which was first released in 2017, has shaken up the outlook of the condition among the sporting fraternity although it has been developed with football as the main topic. Keeping inclusiveness as the focal point and the main aim of the publication, it provides knowledge right from the basic term to supportive resources for every stakeholder in the football world – from fans and stewards to youth players and match officials.

The resource can also be accessed in other languages such as Croatian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian here.

ADVICE SHEETS FOR COACH EDUCATORS & KIT SELECTION – Colour Blind Awareness (with the support of UEFA)

Colour Blind Awareness’ rich arsenal of resources on the subject serves as the one-stop destination to learn about the topic of discussion. The organisation has released a handy and concise advice sheet for coaches and trainers which shines light on the impact of CVD on players, how to identify players with CVD and tips on effective strategies that can be implemented when coaching players with CVD.

Similarly, another document on Kit Selection parts with valuable information regarding problem kits, colour combinations and contrasts that work.

GREEN GUIDE, ANNEX C: GUIDANCE ON CVD – Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA)

UK-based Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) is the regulatory advisor on sports safety at stadiums, established with the aim to ensure all spectators safety, comfort and security. The body’s ‘Green Guide’ is an extensive stadium resource that provides guidance on number of areas including fire safety, media provision, technical installations and of course colour-friendly accessibility, among other things. The guide’s Annexure C focuses on colour blindness and provides a basic understanding of why it Is important to be aware of it. The resource caters to mainly to top-level management but can be of use to anyone eager to learn more.

Colour Blind Awareness (CBA) also provides information regarding stadium accessibility and colour blind friendly ticketing – both of which are great resources for spreading awareness.

For more information about colour blindness and resources, tips or guidance, kindly refer to the recently released official Tackling Colour Blindness in Football – TACBIS website.

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