A vote is to be held on changing the dress code in the Premier League. header

A vote is to be held on changing the dress code in the Premier League.

June 10, 2022

During the whole season of football, we can see some issues of accessibility for the colour blindness community. As you may know, 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women suffer from colour vision deficiency. For them, it’s hard to watch football games from their sofa or seat at the stadium.

Today, we have read information from the English Football League that plan to help the colour blind community with a new text. This measure would give the opportunity to football clubs to be more inclusive regarding their fans diagnosed with colour vision deficiency.

Football League clubs could wear away kits at home to help colour-blind fans.

”Clubs would be allowed to wear their away jersey when playing at home next season, under a rule change designed to help colour-blind people. The English Football League plans to ask its members to vote at their summer conference on Friday on easing restrictions on what strip they can wear during home games.” […] ”Friday’s vote of EFL clubs follows a review of the league’s guidance around colour blindness in football drawn up in conjunction with the Football Association and UEFA. The Premier League specifically addresses the issue in its rulebook and says that clubs should wear kits that provide a sufficient contrast for colour blind players, match officials and spectators. They also have bespoke online software which allows them to identify potential clashes.”

Ben Rumsby, The Telegraph

We invite football clubs, leagues, and federations to take a step into this topic. Based on the statistics, we could have 1 man in every squad suffering from colour blindness. Some measures would also offer a better fan experience to people suffering from this vision problem.

Source: The Telegraph

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