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#MoreThanFootball Actions Weeks – Accessibility for colour blind people in sport

April 4, 2022

300 million!

This number represents the amount of people suffering from colour blindness worldwide. Indeed, approximately 1 in 12 men suffers from colour blindness and 1 in 200 women is also affected by this colour vision deficiency.

EFDN promotes a football accessible for all with equal opportunities of success. Through the project TACBIS, Tackling Colour Blindness in Sport, we raise awareness about the diverse issue in football related to this illness. Consisting of 8 partners, Colour Blind Awareness, Oxford Brookes University, Portugal FA, Iceland FA, Romania FA, and Randers FC, the consortium aims to develop resources in order to help the football community to have a colour-blind friendly policy offering equal opportunities of development for all players, children, coaches.

To register yourself to the Educational Training Webinar, please click on this link.

Besides, we have the intention to release resources helping the social inclusion of fans with colour-blindness. Football can be really complicated to watch when all teams are similar, when you do not see where the ball on the pitch is, when the coach does not even know who his players are.

TACBIS promotes social inclusion thanks to the delivery of resources, and video animations that will help all football and sports stakeholders to understand how big some colour-blindness issues can be. We invite you to watch out the video below as well as the diverse animations. This will help you to have a better understanding in the colour blindness environment and to give you a picture on how it can be sometimes unreadable.

For further information, visit the website of https://www.tacbis.eu/ and follow the different channels of TACBIS on Instagram and Twitter.

Spot the difference(s) – How your choices can affect your training sessions

In this situation, we can see that the red cones are complicated to see when a colour vision deficiency affects an individual. Make sure to select the right kit in order to avoid this type of clash known as “Pitch clash”.

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